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Vorträge und Workshops von Andreas Krebs und Paul Williams

Executive Coaching and Individual Leadership Development

Author Paul Williams has been working for nearly 20 years as an Executive Coach, with a particular focus on individual leadership development. In the straightforward words of the CEO of a large Healthcare company and one of his longest standing clients: „Paul helps people achieve their full potential“.

For Paul, the most important factor at the beginning of a coaching process is that the chemistry feels absolutely right between his coaching client and himself. If that is the case, then the chances are high that the coaching will be completely successful and the „coaching team“ will be able to achieve real progress.

The majority of coaching clients he works with have biographies similar to these:

  • They are either well established, high performing senior executives who are looking to get even better at what they do and are often in a phase of taking on new tasks and greater responsibility.
  • Or they are talented young managers with a strong development prognosis who have been offered specific and tailored support with their further development as managers and leaders.

On the basis of a first, informal meeting to get to know each other, followed by a more formal briefing, Paul Williams puts together an individualised coaching concept to ensure an optimal outcome for the further development of the coaching client.

For more information, please go to his personal website: